Meet Madison

Madison Denbrock is a Composer with a focus on video games and film. Madison is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She is one of the five organizers of Game Audio Boston and is an active member of Boston’s video game scene.

Madison’s interests extend to implementation with experience in Wwise and Fmod as well as creating audio scripts for Unity. Madison is a Unity councilor for Girls Make Games summer camp, teaching young devs to create their own game from scratch!

Some of Madison’s favorite composers are Gustav Santaolalla (The Last of Us), Rebecca Sugar (Adventure Time, Steven Universe), Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks), Jason Graves (Dead Space, The Order: 1886), Jesse Harlin (Mafia III, Star Wars: The Old Republic) and Distasterpeice (Fez, Hyperlight Drifter).

Madison’s inspirations come from all types of music. Researching history, different cultures, and instruments is one of her favorite parts of the job. Recently, Madison has been hired as a session coordinator where she manages an orchestra for Berklee College of Music’s film scoring sessions.

Her latest composition work was for Boston Festival of Indie Games (FIG) award ceremony in September (2019.)


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